Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why is Cluster an object, and not an action?

I was asked today why there's a Cluster object in Conjure, and not just a 'Cluster' or 'Group' command.

So here's my question for you.

Do people actually think in nouns or verbs?

Way back in the olden days of the computing world, there were actually debates about this kind of thing.

See, the computer software developers wanted to make something that would mirror the normal human way of thinking, because that would lead to 'intuitiveness'. Right? Well, we all thought so back then.

Although I'm sure it did spill over into the real world, this debate didn't happen in person, it was done by software releases. The Unix folk, and their PC (commandline) brethren, were all of the opinion that software 'does a thing', and that it does this 'on things'.

The renegade Mac platform (and a few others, mind you) had 'things' that you 'did things to'.

So the PC world would have CHDIR command (change directory), followed by the directory to change to.

On the Mac, you'd click on a folder object, and go to the file menu, then select 'open'. Or double-click the folder.

In Conjure, I'm trying to stick to this noun based approach.

Objects are the most important thing, then you do something with them.

That's why it was important to me to have a 'cluster' object, and not just a 'cluster' command.

Hope that answers that.


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