Saturday, August 15, 2009

Conjure 4.0.7 is Done!


I finished the major bug hunt release. This effectively squashes all known bugs in Conjure 4.

Here's the list of things that are new or different:

  • Added shiny new Help system!

  • The Leopard PPC G5 crash bug that happened when the help system loaded was fixed in the process.

  • Double-click text box will deselect prior selections.
  • Clusters now 'float to the top' when objects above them (in the stacking order) are added to them.
  • Lines now collapse in Clusters. It's not as nice as I'd like it to be yet, but at least it does it now.
  • Fix for duplication bug. Duplicating an image with option+drag could create a corrupted object under some circumstances. These are all fixed now.
  • Copying and Pasting some types of objects that were created in Conjure could corrupt other objects, under some circumstances. These are all fixed now.
  • Added support for bundle folder types, like Pages' documents. These should launch properly now on double-click.
  • Fixed Duplication of Link bug, where objects duplicated by option+dragging a link could cause bad links. In this version and going forward, links cannot be duplicated.
  • Inspector is now hidden when entering the overview mode. Before, it would stay open, allowing you to change data you couldn't see.
  • All file extensions are now hidden. Who needs 'em anyway? They're still visible in the info window.

Thanks to everyone who sent in bugs!

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