Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Conjure 4

Hey hey. Didn't think I'd ever get around to saying this...
Thursday, August 6th, 2009, Conjure 4 will be unveiled.

I'm extending the free upgrade offer to all existing 3.x users, mainly because I'm really, really sorry for how Conjure 3 was released. Basically, there are a few minor bugs in Core Animation that Apple has chosen not to fix at this time, or for Snow Leopard. That's why text fields are inherently screwed up in Conjure 3.

Additionally, I'm spinning Clothesline and the Audio note taker off into their own products, so I removed them from the Clothesline arsenal. They didn't really make sense there, as no one used the audio note taker for what it was intended, and Clothesline would be a better as a separate app, in something like a Finder replacement.

But going forward, it will be really, really easy to update Conjure 4 now, so I think this will be an exciting year. I'm going to be updating it in tiny updates rather than huge rewrites, like versions 2-3 and 3-4.

Alright, off to tinker with the forums, and to make sure the launch goes smoothly!



Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to this!

jingeman said...

I downloaded the new Conjure zip file this morning and my system says the zip file is corrupt. I tried downloading it twice with the same results.

Chilton Webb said...


I think I fixed that zip problem. Please try it again and see if it's working now.


jingeman said...

Yes thanks - I re-downloaded a copy this afternoon and everything worked fine this time.