Monday, August 17, 2009

Conjure 4.0.8 for Teachers

I'm still testing the major update (4.1), which includes AWESOME support for Spaces. I think everyone will love it. It's the first time that I can ever recall actually being able to tolerate Spaces for more than a few minutes. The best part is, it now also handles multiple monitors in a way that I don't think anyone has ever done before. Two giant birds, one... bunny? Anyway, it's on the way. But, 4.0.8 will make it out the gate first. Why? Because it has some features that a few friends of mine (teachers) have asked for, and they need it NOW. So it's going out today.

Speaking of which, I'll be starting a half off promo for teachers and educators tomorrow. I'm working on a video that shows how you'd use it, as well. More news on that to follow...


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