Saturday, June 4, 2011

Speed up XCode with one click.

There's one simple little thing you can do in XCode that will dramatically speed up your builds. Most experienced developers know this, because once you do it, it changes build times, especially for small projects and tests, dramatically. So you might know this. I think I knew about it a few times, but I keep forgetting to turn it on. So this blog entry is as much a reminder to myself, as it is an attempt to help anyone else who might've forgotten it.

Build time without magic powers activated: 16 seconds.
Build time with magic powers activated: 1 second.

See that? That 16 seconds may not sound like much to most people, but when you're trying to solve some specific problem, and you're in the middle of a build/debug/repeat cycle, that 16 seconds gets real damned old, real damned fast.

Alright, here's the magic...
Precompile Prefix Header

Yeah, it's that simple. 

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