Friday, May 20, 2011

Post-Rapture Clothes Donation

Some people believe tomorrow will be the start of the Rapture. I'm not going to question them. 

But if it does happen, or even if it doesn't, there will still be problems in our world. The Salvation Army consistently does good things for people the rest of the world would rather forget about. 

(These guys)

They could really use your used clothes. 

(image stolen from Jack Bennet II's Facebook page)

So if you're planning on not being here after tomorrow, or if you are, but want to contribute in some meaningful way to the world around you, please pick out one set of clothes tomorrow, May 21 2011, and donate them to the Salvation Army. Think of it as a Post-Rapture gift, for those unfortunate souls who have been living, and who will likely continue to live, in hell on Earth. 

You can find the nearest Salvation Army truck by going here, and entering a zip code in the search box.

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