Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Beta version of Conjure 4.1.3 is live! New Modbook and Tablet Mac features!

Well that took long enough. A year, minus 1 week, to be exact.

The latest beta version of Conjure is live. If you're a registered 'Ninja Bunny', be expecting an email today with all the details.

This version adds a toolbar, and new ModBook and Tablet features, and fixes the way Conjure saves its database so you don't lose data during power outages, etc.

I still don't have all the fancy new things in there planned for 4.2, but this interim release should go out as a public product on Monday.


Martin said...

great to hear that you are still on it!!!
i used curio for a while and tried out raskin, but i still think your approach is the best! if you`d polish the ui and fully leverage the zoom and layout manager with the assets organization you`d be on top of them all :-)

maybe you could team up with somebody for that?!

Chilton Webb said...

Hi Martin!

Thanks for the props!

I have bigger plans than the zoom and layout system in Conjure at this time. In the 3.x series, I was a lot closer to what I wanted, but the CoreAnimation system in OSX had some problems I just couldn't work around, so I went back to my home grown solution for 4.x.

The next beta will address some of the underlying issues, but I think around v5 I'll have my super-awesome layout overview thing working like I'd like.

I'll get to that in due time though, for now, it is what it is. Which is better than anything else out there, IMHO, but it's still not where I want it.


Martin said...

besides, really like to get hands on the beta version :-)

Chilton Webb said...

I'm going to release it as a full version tomorrow. I've been using it non-stop for the entire summer, and it has a few fixes for a few bugs that were really driving me bonkers back in May.

Once this version's out, I can start building the architecture I wanted to do earlier, for 4.2.