Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just window dressings?


The new website and new videos are taking awhile to get online. The new version of Conjure (4.1) is done, I'm just not going to release it until I finish the website and the new videos. There's a lot of new stuff in 4.1, and there's a lot that just makes more sense if you can see it in use.

Since I've slacked off during the launch of Conjure too many times in the past, I want to see if I can get it right this time. If I launch it now, Tuesday at 5:20PM, it will be picked up by exactly none of the major Mac news sites.

It's like cleaning a headlight on your car. Once you clean it, the rest of your hood looks dirty by comparison. So you clean the hood. Pretty soon you end up having to wash the whole car! Well, that's how fixing the Conjure website is. I have a new site, new look, and it's fantastic. So now I need to redo some of the videos to match. Then I need to fix my help files to redirect to the new videos as well, because they're coming out looking really good.

So Wednesday will be the Monday I meant to have today.


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John said...


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to 4.1!